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1.) How to use this site...

The website facilitates listening to radio stations. There are three ways for searching for radio stations.
 - by clicking on “Radios” menu
 - by clicking on any of the styles under the menu bar
 - by using the Search function

When clicking on the names of the radio stations a small window will open up and start the selected radio station. In case the radio fails to start, please click on one of the links located in the upper right corner of the screen and report the problem.

2.) One or more radios fail to start...

There might be more reasons of one or more radios failing to start.
 - Due the speed of your internet access it takes some minutes to start the radio
   (please wait a bit more, it might start soon)
 - There is no adequate radio player installed on your computer; if this is the case then usually none of the stations work.
   (below you have the option to download the necessary radio player)
 - it might happen that your location (workplace, internet coffee) has the streams banned.
   (please ask the system administrator)
 - some of the stations are not on the air between 0-24, but only between 16-24 for example.
   (this might be the case for smaller, less popular stations, please try in a different time period)
 - a technical problem might have occurred at the station
   (please try another time)

3.) The small window for playing the station fails to open up...

 - it might happen that your browser has the pop-ups banned
   (in this case you have to permit the pop-up window in your browser)

4.) In order to start the radio you need un (upgrade of the) radio player...

Please download the radio player, install it, then restart your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), then try again to start the radio stations.
Downloading the radio player

If the downloaded (upgrade of the) radio player did not help, please install the latest version of Windows Media Player and then restart your computer.

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